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My vision is to create within
​ a collaborative workflow

where ideas and thoughts are met creatively and respectfully with the singular goal in mind. Pushing ideas to their limit is sometimes tough, but never unattainable. I thrive on the challenge and know I will always rise to those challenges within the guidelines of any given project.

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Photo Retoucher

About me

Hi, my name is Roberto Rodríguez, I am a Photo Retoucher and Production Pro and I consider myself "the retoucher that can do it all" because I have never met a project that I could not conquer. Retouching, design and the visual arts have always been a love of mine and I am always seeking knowledge and new ways to get the job done quickly, efficiently and in a flexible manner so as to interpret my client's vision exactly. Creating at places like Bauer Media (Life & Style Weekly & InTouch) and more recently at Condé Nast (Glamour Magazine & Bon Apétite) have conditioned me to be able to tackle any project with confidence. Have a look through this digital portfolio and discover my versatility. I am available for any project big or small.


I feel my talent is in constant flux, just as an image can be pushed or pulled to get to the final iteration. I am always in search of a new way and new concepts so I could develop and move forward, ultimately insuring continual growth.
​As I am ever-advancing my skills and perspective I am aware that  I am only as good as my last submission.

roberto rodríguez

​​Skills & Theory

• High-End Retouching

  (Beauty, Fashion & Stills)

• Interior Design Retouching
• Color Correction/Matching
• Product/Stills Retouching
• Compositions

• Scans & Restorations
• Advanced Silhouetting

​• Graphic Design

• Typography & Color Theory 
• Printing Process